Michael Y.P. Ang

Michael Y.P. Ang

Freelance journalist and writer

Michael Y.P. Ang writes about sport, politics and society in Singapore. He is formerly a Channel NewsAsia journalist and national sports administrator.

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Sports hub article

The shiokest, saddest and silliest moments in Singapore sport from 2016

From the biggest highlight (Schooling's Olympic gold) to something else that put S'pore on the world for all the wrong reasons.

Shanmugam article
The Diplomat

Singaporean Cabinet Minister Strikes Own Goal Against Controversial Electoral System

Singapore's Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam has inadvertently scored an own goal while trying to defend the country’s controversial, racially based electoral system ...

812a91a0 f92e 11e4 b061 cbbe7be3fda2 screen shot 2015 05 13 at 11 26 54 am article

Singapore a secular state? Think again

In recent years, there have been loud calls to exclude religion from the public sphere in Singapore.Singapore is widely seen as a secular state because it has no official religion. But there's more to secularism than the absence of a state religion....

Img 20160914 wa0018 article

Movement to oust govt-appointed FAS incumbents gains momentum

Is this the end of FAS as we know it?

Open uri20160506 8547 165lkwn article
The Diplomat

Do Singaporeans Really Vote Along Racial Lines?

How did Lee Kuan Yew arrive at his conclusion that voter bias existed in the Republic?...

Open uri20160507 4333 1nmsbwd article

Free speech in Singapore should include moral responsibility

Most would likely agree that the Republic's media landscape favours the ruling party because public opinion is shifted in the government's direction. But it's debatable whether the lack of robust public discourse on major political issues in Singapore's mainstream media is good for the...

2015 07 18t001026z 2 lynxnpeb6h005 rtroptp 2 soccer fifa arrests article

EXCLUSIVE: FIFA contacts FAS to revise constitution

FIFA has contacted the Football Association of Singapore to align its statutes with FIFA standards....

Pap fas divorce 2 article

Will football and politics in Singapore finally get a divorce?

Whether FAS will become vastly different depends on the outcome of open elections

Education system something wrong article

Something's wrong with S'pore education

Singapore's educational system appears relatively weak in nurturing high-level talent for the workplace.

2015 06 08t135439z 76773279 mt1aci13796858 rtrmadp 3 football article

EXCLUSIVE: FAS under FIFA scrutiny

The Singapore government's decades-long, direct involvement in the affairs of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) could come under scrutiny by football’s world governing body FIFA....

3de9d190 b030 11e4 8f98 b76404ea60e9 c article

One million Singaporeans don't care about SEA Games

One million Singaporeans are unmoved by the upcoming SEA Games, but they still have to contribute towards covering the massive cost ($324.5 million) of staging the biennial event in June....

Politics and sport article

Politics and sport: Do they mix?

Find out whether it is a good idea to have politicians run Singapore's national sports organisations.

Oon jin teik article

Potential game-changer at Sports Hub

I can't think of a better person to direct operations at the hub

Sundram and fandi article

FAS should live up to its name by appointing Fandi And Sundram as coaches of the Lions

FAS = Fandi and Sundram. It's written in the stars.

Football social exclusion article

Is govt-run S'pore football promoting social exclusion?

The Social Progress Index shows that economic growth does not necessarily produce social progress.